School Facts

Welcome to Grace F. Hill Elementary

Grace Hill is a warm caring place where boys and 
girls feel comfortable about learning. While we are 
concerned about giving children a strong foundation in the 
basic subjects by providing adequate time-on-task, we 
also believe in a well-rounded atmosphere that provides 
enrichment through special events such as assemblies, 
dress-up days, and other activities which encourage 
special interests and talents.

Mrs.Jennifer Little  Principal 

Grace Hill Fast Facts
  • Hard-Working P.T.O. 
  • 96% Attendance Rate 
  • 21 Classrooms 
  • Approximately 38 Certified Staff 
  • 50+ College Degrees Represented 
  • 5 Title One Instructional Assistants 
  • Many Cultures Represented

School Philosophy & Vision

The community of Grace Hill Elementary is a student-centered environment which is committed to appreciating and utilizing our strengths and individuality through collaborative teamwork to achieve academic excellence and to promote a foundation for life-long learning. 

Vision Statement

We, the faculty and staff of Grace Hill Elementary, envision an involved community of students and families happily engaged in active learning in an environment that is tranquil, prideful and purposeful. We envision students who are confident in their academic success and are developing socially, physically and psychologically. 

We, the faculty and staff of Grace Hill Elementary School, further envision ourselves as being positive, open-minded professional collaborating to consistenly monitor and adjust while being supportive within a structure of self-discipline so that academics may be optimized.
We, the faculty and staff of Grace Hill Elementary School, envision ourselves enhancing our respective learning programs so that students are participants in the learning process, which is based upon a strong foundation of skills integral to learning.

We, the faculty and staff of Grace Hill Elementary School, envision students striving to reach goals which we have set...together...and to feel good about their achievements. We envision the process of learning to be just as important as the content being learned.

Core Beliefs

  • We will provide a school climate that 
    is open and inviting to families and the community.

  • We believe that learning can be enhanced by 
    providing an active, hands-on environment that is meaningful to the child.

  • We believe learning should 
    be developmentally appropriate.

  • We believe that teamwork is shared leadership based on collaboration 
    and trust.

  • We believe that by working as a team, we can better serve the individual needs of each 

  • We believe that learning in the classroom should be applicable to real life, and should 
    encourage students to be self-directed, motivated and responsible citizens.