5th Grade Music
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What will we do this year in 5th grade music?  

--Recorder Karate--start where you left off at the end of 4th grade; if the last belt you got was orange ("Gently Sleep"), start working on the green belt song ("It's Raining, It's Pouring"); if you got your black belt already, work on metallic belts or beads; a few advanced students who completed all advanced packets will be playing duets or trios on soprano and even alto recorder!

Click Here to Practice Recorder Karate

--learn songs and games in extended pentatonic (songs with do re mi so la; low so low la and high do)

--read melodic patterns in extended pentatonic using high do

--learn songs and games with the two sixteenth note-eighth note rhythm and the eighth note-two sixteenth note 

--review BAG on recorder and learn low e, low d, high c and high d; become fluent playing low e and low d

--review reading notes on the treble staff; become fluent reading treble clef notes

--continue reviewing all the rhythm patterns we have learned in first, second, third and fourth grade; be fluent reading all these rhythm patterns

--ensemble playing using voices, Orff instruments, and/or recorders

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